Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tech: My Office Arsenal

iPad, iPhone, MacBook ProImage via WikipediaWe have tried - as a smaller law firm (less than 30 employees) to stay ahead of the curve in tech and law office matters. I get asked often what we  use, so here is a laundry list of items:
Redundant Servers
Scansnap for desktop scanning (one on my desk too)
Copiers with high speed scanning, direct email
and FTP
Stamps.com for desktop postage use
HP intermediate level copier in back office
Flip Video HD
We're always trying the cheap/free stuff, and it seems I'm the beta tester/guinea pig. Here is what seems to work for us:
Database Management: Abacus
Word and OpenOffice
Mozilla for web use
Inbit secure instant messaging (encrypted):
Onebox: Document management  in the cloud.
Dropbox: Sharing of documents on projects involving more than one office.
Skype (for me on the iPad/iPhone)
Tweetdeck: While I don't see Twitter yet serving as a client development source, for news it's helpful in some respects, and Tweetdeck keeps me from going crazy following too many diverse folks.
Yousendit.com: For sending large/huge files
Simulscribe for dictation (by far the best/most reliable item we regularly use)
On the iPad/iPhone so far:
Line 2
Dragon Dictation
Duo Browser
Google Mobile
I'll be adding to this list during the week. 
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