Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lawyers: Is Your Web Site Lacking?

Lacking a way to reach you that is ... .

Yesterday I was seeking out attorneys in a western city and state to discuss a possible referral. At 8 p.m. from one of my websites I received an email from a person with a potential case. We spoke the same night. Immediately I went looking for an attorney, only to have little success. It took me nearly a half hour to find one attorney.

Where did this happen? A city that is the state capitol of said state. When I found a site for a firm/attorney with potential, I looked for a way to contact or email the attorney right away. Nothing. No email listed, no "Contact Us" box. Just a phone number which of course went to a recorded voice mail. By the time the office opens, it will be 11 a.m. Eastern here in my city, and the chance to possibly work on a significant case is gone forever.

Ok, no problem I thought. Next attorney site, same problem. Next attorney site, nothing. Finally, at lawyer website number four, an email listing. I emailed that attorney and have a reply this morning at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. The attorney in that city is already up and working before the sun has risen in his town. He has my attention.

For the others who missed the chance, how can this be?

One thing I've always remembered is a saying from a fellow lawyer many years ago: People just don't need a lawyer during business hours. The same is true on the web. To think that any firm or attorney would not even list a way to be reached other than by telephone when putting up a website just made me wonder ... how many potential clients are being missed? How many - like me - simply moved on to the next attorney?

Does your site miss such a vital piece? Check your site right now, today. Because if I need your assistance and the only way to reach you is by phone after hours, I'm moving on to your competitor.