Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day: What A Candidate Should Not Do

I have always subscribed to an adage (which some say is a tad corny) coined by Coach Don Shula years ago: "When you win, you can't always tell if you have done too much; when you lose you can always tell you've done too little." I apply it to my work ethic in all aspects of my office: Convincing a potential client to allow my firm to work for her, preparing for a deposition, getting ready for trial. From sports to family.

I have seen many candidates try to do too much in their campaigns, only to end up doing too little.

One candidate for Indiana's Ninth congressional district (source thanks to Crescat Sententia) started a blog in May 7, 2006 with one post, and did too little over the course of his campaign with it. He never paid attention to it after one post. It just sits there on the web, like a business card kept in a wallet. One comment was apparently written by a person named "dick in the dirt."

So future candidates, don't put up a blog and let it wither away. To make matters worse, now it's crosslinked on another blog - comments and all - as an example of not following through.