Monday, November 20, 2006

Big Pharma Courting Dems


After spending $10 million on G.O.P. incumbent candidates ahead of this year's mid-term elections, with Democrats getting about $4.5 million, Big Pharma can expect a somewhat hostile reception on Capitol Hill after the Democrats begin running the show in 2007.

GOP Billy Tauzin left Congress in 2005 to work as a lobbyist for PhRMA.
Soon-to-be Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said Tauzin sold seniors down the river for two million dollars, the sum Tauzin was reportedly paid to join the association he runs.

A PhRMA rep now says, "There will be a renewed emphasis on making new friends and reaching out to Democrats, and especially pro-business Democrats." Source here.

My prediction: A waterfall of money will change the minds of key Dems. No surprise there.