Monday, November 13, 2006

A Bad Marketing Idea

I drove back from Florida this past weekend, watching the Gators beat USCe. On the way back to Georgia, I saw a car whiz by ... loaded up with lettering advertising an accountancy office.

The new SUV had Georgia plates; the rear tailgate window had two inch high lettering indicating the website of the business. Below it, the telephone number with an Atlanta area code. On the right side, the same number with the name of the business.

Good enough, you say. Well, not really. I watched as the SUV weaved in and out of traffic. Cut off by my count at least five cars. As the driver passed me then jumped in front of me in order to traverse two lanes to exit the interstate, a cigarette butt went out the window. Then he/she was gone.

About twenty minutes later, going nearly 100 m.p.h., you guessed it - the accountant. Again, swerving across lanes. Amazingly, another butt tossed from the window. As traffic was heavier (construction), the SUV was in view for a while. Cut off an 18 wheeler, with the trucker using his horn.

I can only tell you that I will remember that business, for all of the wrong reasons. How could this person be so stupid?