Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Aspirin: Good News

I actually look for good news regarding pharmaceuticals and meds, and here is a bit of news that may help:

An aspirin a day may help keep head and neck cancers away, a new long-term study suggests. What is key is not the amount of aspirin ingested but the length of time that people were taking it that mattered.

According to the study, taking aspirin for under 10 years did not have a significant effect, [but] taking it 10 years or more was associated with a 30 percent reduction in cancer.

You can find the results in the study in the easy to find Archives of Otolaryngology.

The study involved 529 patients with head and neck cancer and another 529 without the malignancy. Participants were matched for age, sex and smoking status. They were also asked about their use of aspirin over the preceding decades.

Anyone who wants to take aspirin as a cancer preventive should first consult their physician. You should always talk to a physician before taking anything chronically.