Monday, October 30, 2006

Health Insurer Sues Plaintiff's Lawyer

Actually it was Primax on behalf of the insurer. The following was posted on one of the lists I subscribe to here in the South:

Last year, [lawyer name] settled a clear liability case for the $100,000 policy limits. There were medical bills of $172,000 (client was in a coma for a while, and will never be the same). We did not pay the heatlh insurer.

Primax Recoveries, Inc., on behalf of my client's Promina employee benefit plan, has now sued in USDC for "equitable relief" alleging that it is a "fiduciary" (is a collection agency a fiduciary under ERISA?).

Has anyone encountered one of these? Any suggestions / thoughts appreciated.

Do you ignore liens? In a post Sereboff age it is just asking for a lawsuit. Previously I posted info on Sereboff here.