Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dr. Peter Rost's Blog

I had someone recommend to me Dr. Rosts's blog. According to the site, Rost is former Vice President for Pfizer who became well known in 2004 when he emerged as the first drug company executive to speak out in favor of reimportation of drugs.

He is the author of a book I just picked up: "Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman," which shines the light on his trials and tribulations with Pfizer as it assimilated Pharmacia, his prior employer.

A review on another site has this to say about Rost and his book: Rost's book is about more than just himself. Much of the latter half, in fact, has nothing to do with Rost's battle with Pfizer, but is rather a litany of recent drug company corruption, and Rost argues convincingly that the FDA and America's major medical journals have been co-opted by the industry. When he moves on to examine the American economy at large, where he lays out some eye-opening statistics comparing skyrocketing CEO salaries with the static ones of American workers, we realize Rost has reached his destination. (Source: Here).

My early view on this doctor is that he is a fire brand, and he has a pair of brass ones to take on Pfizer. Worth a read of his blog, IMHO.