Friday, September 08, 2006

Merck Sponsored Vioxx Report: More Litigation?

The Vioxx report paid for by Merck is 179 pages in length, and also has exhibits. As I slog through it, the conclusion reached by the law firm paid $21 million by Merck to "investigate" and issue the report is that senior managers acted appropriately, but that employee actions were not up to snuff.

The report as I read it suggests that sales/marketing staff sought to "neutralize" doctors who were critical of using Vioxx-related incentives and also suggests that several Merck employees may have attempted to intimidate doctors who were critical of Vioxx.

To me the report suggests that reps used promotional materials that were incomplete as to cardiovascular information on Vioxx. The report also seems to conclude that PR reports were skimpy on the details.