Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Unbearable Mopiness of Law Student Bloggers

In my RSS feeds I had (until this past week) more than 125 feeds. I just cleaned house when it comes to RSS feeds from law student bloggers. I do appreciate that law student bloggers let off steam (I think) from blogging, but are any worth reading - ever? 25 of them gone in one fell swoop.

There is one theme that is common - how much their lives suck, how bad job prospects suck, how everything sucks. Woe is me, they seem to cry. Not all, but many. Others just go the path of least resistance - cursing. One student blogger likes the word "f*cking" quite a bit. He also noted that on his to do list was ... sexual self gratification. Another "student" tells me "Why I Hated Law School."

I guess maybe I don't understand law schools, how tough it is, how hard the bar exams are, how tough it is to find a job. Wait! I did go to law school, passed bar exam(s) and applied for jobs.

If you are a law student with a blog or know of one who is writing anything worth reading, email me at Do you exist?