Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Don't Make Your Internet Domain Provider Angry

Seems like the Alabama Law Firm of Pittman, Dutton, Kirby and Hellums is having problems with its site host/provider.

From what I am hearing, the Pittman firm - whose members are some of the most distinguished trial attorneys in the USA - decided to go with another provider other than its current one. The provider threw a hissy fit. The web company took down the Firm's site and now refuses to release the username/password information to the Firm so that can be pointed to another page.

While it goes with another provider, the honorable thing would be to put up a one page temp site. But no ...

Does your firm own its name? How do you avoid this? One easy step it to make sure that your Firm is the owner as well as the listed contact. Then, your Firm keeps all pertinent information regarding it. For example, is owned by my Firm. We used an internet domain register company, and that .com points to the site where EJustice provides what you see. If we decide to change course, my firm can point it anywhere in a matter of minutes.

What is significant is that - much like my earlier post about storms and business interruption - the issue faced by Pittman, Hooks was one they never anticipated. It just happened.