Monday, July 17, 2006

Back from the Beach

A couple of enjoyable weeks at the beach ended today. We spend time at an area of Old Florida known as Seagrove Beach. It's a time to recharge, relax and read.

As I reach my 40's I look back and chuckle when I think about two senior partners in particular who "never" took vacations. It never made sense to me. Are you one of those people? Do you work for one? Thankfully I am at a time in my life where my partners either take more time off than me, or if they take less they don't make an issue of it.

I grew up on the beach in South Florida. Summer meant riding my bike the ten minutes to the Atlantic each day rain or shine. Surfing, fishing, shrimping, crabbing. Running on hardpack sand or flying a stuntkite. I miss those things, and little things like pointing out to a tourist that what they see on the beach is a Portuguese Man-O-War. Now I am the tourist.

Now - practicing in the Atlanta area - it's a five hour commute by car. Ugh.

After two weeks there, I always leave with the same idea: I am going to figure out how to move down here to work.

Do you take a vacation? Where is your place?