Friday, June 28, 2013

Beware food supplements used by Athletes (Article from S.A.)

Worrisome news about supplements used by athletes:

Consumers are at risk of ingesting banned substances from supplements that do not label their ingredients completely, said Fahmy Galant, doping control manager at the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (Saids). 

In South Africa, a survey by the Journal of the American Medical Association detected that 12 (40 percent) out of 30 over-the-counter supplements contained banned substances.
If a student who has ingested a banned substance is tested by his school or an independent organisation like Saids, he or she may be suspended from playing, said the Saids representative.
“It is extremely difficult for the average consumer to judge the quality and the value of the claims of dietary supplements,” said Heidi-Lee Robertson, business development manager for DSM Nutritional Products.