Friday, July 05, 2013

BP Starts a Campaign Against Lawyers - Places Ads in National Papers

You may have heard about the BP newspaper ads. Yes, some people still read papers. Here is what Americans should know as well about BP:

BP is not a victim of small businesses, judges or even trial lawyers; they are still just a corporate felon who pled guilty to killing 11 rig workers, polluted the Gulf and ruined the livelihoods of thousands of Americans.
Here are the facts:
  • BP pled guilty to 11 counts of manslaughter and lying to the Federal Government, stemming from the Deepwater Horizon tragedy.
  • BP was on probation for three prior disasters at the time of the blowout.
  • BP has been suspended from doing business with the US government for a lack of corporate integrity.
  • For nearly two years BP’s team of corporate lawyers negotiated, co-authored, agreed to, and sought Court approval of every word in the Settlement Agreement resulting from the oil spill disaster.