Friday, June 28, 2013

Zinc Oxide Used in Dietary Supplements Are Toxic

Interesting reading about Zinc Oxide:

A study in Biomedical and Environmental Services claims that zinc oxide is the most toxic nanoparticle compared to titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, and aluminum oxide.

X.Q. Zhang and other researchers from the Southeast University in Nanjing, China conducted the study and found all tested all of the four above mentioned nanoparticles caused cellular mitochondrial dysfunctions, morphological modification and even apoptosis in human fetal lung fibroblasts. It was dose dependent, meaning that high high concentrations were related to high toxicity.

Compared with the other three types, zinc oxide was the most dangerous and toxic, according to the study. Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, and aluminum dioxide are all used in processed foods and many dietary supplements. Zinc and titanium dioxides were the most commonly used, especially in sunscreen and cosmetic products dealing with the skin.