Thursday, April 27, 2006

Prempro (Hormone Therapy): 1st Trial - Summer 2006

Wyeth is up to bat as the next Big Pharma company having to defend one of its drugs:
In June, the first Prempro case goes to trial. Looks like major news outlets are now reporting what was posted herein February of 2006 on the first trial, which you can read here.


"The overwhelming majority of women in these cases suffer from breast cancer as a result of their use of Prempro," said lawyer Tobias Millrood, whose firm Schiffrin & Barroway is representing plaintiffs in about 1,000 Prempro cases. "Wyeth aggressively over-promoted these drugs for conditions that [weren't approved by] the FDA. [Prempro] was truly a panacea. This drug was promoted as the fountain of youth."

The first case is set to start on July 31 in federal district court in Little Rock, Ark. Plaintiff Linda Reeves, 67, of Benton, Ark., was diagnosed with breast cancer after taking Prempro for eight years for the prevention of osteoporosis, according to her lawyer, Jim Morris, also of Schiffrin & Barroway. Reeves blames Prempro for the cancer that led to her mastectomy.

The second Prempro case is set for September 11, 2006 in state court in Philadelphia. The Plaintiff is a 67-year-old woman from Dayton, Ohio, who blames her six years of Prempro use for causing the cancer that led to her double mastectomy in 2001.