Thursday, April 27, 2006

Is the Merck Vioxx Liability "Manageable?"

From Forbes online, a UBS Investment Research Analyst predicts that for Merck, the estimated total liability as to Vioxx would be approximately $10 billion, which Patel said was "manageable" for Merck given its large cash reserves.

He also wrote that one "concerning" aspect of the verdict is that Merck "failed to provide adequate warning to prescribing physicians of an association between Vioxx and an increased risk of serious cardiovascular events." Go here.

My comment: For those in the USA that think that big bad trial lawyers are pushing this wagon, they are wrong. Merck has a worldwide problem with Vioxx and the alleged harm it has done. Were is the discussion concerning this global problem?

In December of 2005, a Beijing-based law firm said it would a collective lawsuit against US pharmaceutical company Merck & Co Inc next year, and is looking for Chinese users of the pain relief drug Vioxx who have suffered from side effects.

Also last year, according to, Israeli citizens planned to sue Merck in the United States.

Canadian citizens were set to file a class action against Merck, and similar lawsuits by residents of France, Italy, UK, and Australia had been filed or would be filed. .

Attorneys General are either filing suit against Merck or will file suit over Vioxx. This past July, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sued Merck on behalf of Texas citizens, saynig that the company falsely touted the safety of the drug, knowing it caused a higher risk of heart attack and cardiovascular problems.