Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Canada and the Infected Tissue/Bone Scandal

It is not just in Oklahoma City, or Atlanta, GA or on Long Island. News today shows that this is a problem for all of North America:

A Vancouver woman who found out that she may have received infected donor tissue during reconstructive eardrum surgery in 1994 is proceeding with what she thinks may be a class-action lawsuit against St. Paul's Hospital, the B.C. Ear Bank and a number of other defendants.

The lawsuit follows a Health Canada order three years ago to recall all unused tissue and bone distributed by the B.C. Ear Bank and notify all recipient institutions.

The scandal was reported by The Vancouver Sun in 2003. It was noted that St. Paul's Hospital officials acknowledged problems with the record-keeping and day-to-day operations of the B.C. Ear Bank, which had been housed in the hospital since 1995 but was shut down in 2002.

The ear bank, which collected, processed and stored bone and tissue, distributed 6,016 specimens to about 80 hospitals across North America for transplant and research purposes.