Thursday, September 01, 2005

What an attorney can do for Katrina victims: Offer your avail. office space

Below is a heartbreaking email from the relative a lawyer friend of mine who was in NOLA. Until yesterday when I received this email, I had no idea whether or not she was dead or alive. She is, thankfully, but her life is literally gone.

I'm in Atlanta, and have offered her full run of my office and materials. Money helps of course, so we are donating to the Red Cross. I humbly suggest that any attorney - if you have space - offer it at least for a short time. You'd be surprised how many attorneys are hunkering down here or there.

Here is the email:

< style="font-weight: bold;">Thanks for the many e-mails, calls and other inquiries about my sister ... . They left New Orleans on Friday morning before the storm’s path was evident, so they didn’t take any of the things they WISH they had taken with them….stuff like family heirlooms, jewelry, important papers, baby pics, etc.. They thought it was probably another false alarm like the other two times they have evacuated this year. They were wrong.

All indications are at present that they have lost everything…their house, car, all of their possessions and even two beloved cats. As you can imagine, this is devastating for them. They have no idea when they will be able to return to see if anything is salvageable.

We are at a loss as to help them thru this.

Call your Bar association in your state and ask if they are offering temporary relocation to any attorneys.