Tuesday, August 30, 2005

New Orleans, MS, AL and Katrina

I - like many others - watched with dread as Katrina made a bee line to New Orleans this past weekend. I prayed for those I knew and those who were riding it out. As many know, NOLA is one of the USA's poorest big cities.

It's my favorite city in the U.S. I have friends there and from there, I have had business clients from there, and travel there on a regular basis. Most were certain that NOLA would take a direct hit and be wiped out.

I don't agree with folks who said, thank goodness it turned to the east, as the misery for MS and AL residents is bad as well. My friend in Mobile reported that it's pretty bad there.

At times like these the things we do take a back seat a little bit as you watch and wait. Once things settle down and the weather clears people will be able to try to clean up. In my practice we talked about matters that we had taken for granted, such as: Are the USDCT employees in safe places? Will they be able to get back to work?

My thoughts and prayers are with those now. Hopefully yours are as well.