Thursday, September 01, 2005

What happens to the Vioxx MDL?

Anyone who investigating Vioxx claims knows that the MDL is based in New Orleans. The MDL may be premanently or at least temporarily moved. In the history of US jurisprudence this has never happened - as far as my talks and research reveals so far.

Look for a decision on what happens to the MDL today or by the early part of next week. I would not be surprised if it is moved to Pensacola, Florida to Houston. Factors to consider would include the Judge's ability to administer the matters, the accessibility of the courthouse, the ability of the city to handle the number of attorneys and staffers, and the ability to hold trials in the new location.

A trial was set for the end of November, 2005 before Judge Fallon; you can expect it will not be held, unless it is sent back right away to Florida.