Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Tech Round up, January 2012

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Our office is kicking the tires on new tools for help in our blogging and  twitter feeds. Here's a quick hit list:

Buffer: The site schedules tweets.  As the site notes, "keep that Buffer topped up and you will then be tweeting consistently all day round, all week long." The site finds times of day, you set them, and add a quick post link on a toolbar (we use Chrome). You're set after that - and its free.

Twylah:  This new service to me has great promise. The site creates Twitter brand pages for you.Tweets are being dynamically categorized based on what you tweet most. 

 Read more about the service here:

Echofon: Echofon is a family of Twitter apps. Previously Echofon for iPhone was called “TwitterFon” and Echofon for Firefox was called “TwitterFox”. It's what we use to access Twitter on our phones.

Zemanta:  Zemanta is a tool that looks over your shoulder while you blog and gives you tips and advice, suggests related content and pictures and makes sure your posts get promoted. Our favorite app by far for blogging.

Pingler: It's a pinging site, as you may not have known from the title. Our ping site of choice.

We're playing with a few others, but to keep a business advantage, will keep those to ourselves.

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