Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Android Apps for Lawyers

Here is another set of apps for Android not necessarily limited to law based apps:

1.Simply Clock: I use the MIUI Clock/Weather app for my Android HTC, but I also like this one -

2. History Eraser: The app name pretty much sums it up. It will Clean Browser History;  
Clean Call Log; Clean Market Search History; Clean Google Map Search History and
Clean Gmail Search History.

3.Medscape by WebMD:  I work in an area of the law where quite literally each case has medical issues, symptoms, diagnosis or other medical related concerns. I like this app.  It has a comprehensive drug reference, including herbals and supplements; Drug Interaction Checker; Disease & Condition Reference and Treatment Guide ; Procedures Reference, Tables & Protocols Reference, and a Physician, Pharmacy, and Hospital Directory. I really like the  price: Free

4.Camera File AppThis app is a sthat makes it a bit easier to attach a picture to an email directly from the camera. Normally when you want to attach a picture to an email you have already started writing, you have to exit the email app, take the picture, then go back to your email, tap attach, and go find it in the gallery. Camera File adds an option to the attach menu to take a picture. Just started playing around with this one. 

5.AAA Roadside App: I'm a road warrior, so this app to me is a no brainer if you are a member of AAA . Helps you avoid phone calls to confirm help. Using the location of your Android device a roadside assistance request is a few simple steps away. Select the type of breakdown and AAA claims that your information is delivered to a local roadside problem-solving technician for quick response. Free. I have not had to use it .. yet!