Monday, January 24, 2011

Android Apps of the Week for Lawyers 1/24/11

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseThis week it's a mix of apps for the Android phones. I'm as fun loving as the next middle aged trial lawyer, but you won't be finding me posting reviews on android apps for Twitter, FB, other social network sites, and games. You can find those on your own, or get your teenaged kid or 20 something receptionist to do that for you.

1. QuickOffice

Quickoffice is the MS productivity appe for Android devices that enables a user view and edit Word, Excel & PowerPoint files and have integrated access to multiple remote storage providers. Just like the PC version, except tiny.

2.Federal Rules:  It's $1.99, and you get:  Evidence, -FCP with amendments eff. 12/1/09 and of course the
the U.S. Constitution. I have only used it a couple of times. Worth the $2? You decide.

3.FedEx Mobile:
You can use FedEx Mobile solutions to:

  • Find a nearby FedEx location using your smart phone’s GPS 
  • Get an account-specific rate quote.
  • Access your FedEx Ship Manager® Address Book and shipping history.
  • Create a shipping label and electronically send a PDF version of it to a selected email address.

4.Line 2 for Android:From the site:

Customers can use Line2 to add a second line to their smartphone or turn an iPod, iPad or tablet device into a fully-featured telephone.

The app allows customers to make phone calls and send texts where they don’t have cell reception, reduce their cell bills, add a second line for business use, or get another number so they can keep their personal cell number private. Customers may also port in their number to Line2 for free.

Line2 for Android includes all of the functionality and features that are currently available to Apple iOS users plus few Android-only features, such as the ability to speak their text messages and have them transcribed so they can text without typing.

I'm a fan of Line 2. Why? It allows me to have another cell number to give to potential clients, current clients, and attorneys without giving up my personal cell.

If you have an app for the Android you think we should add to our list, email me at: galawyerblog(a)

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