Friday, October 08, 2010

Trucker Texting Ban

Texting while drivingImage by mrJasonWeaver via FlickrRules prohibiting  texting by Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) drivers were  published in the Federal Register. Here are some important points:

  1. Texting increases the risk of a wreck 23.2 times vs. a non-texting driver
  2. A texting violation counts as a serious traffic violation and can disqualify a CDL driver
  3. Federal Employees were forbidden to text and drive on October 6, 2009 (74 FR 51225 and Executive Order 13513)
  4. Texting includes dispatch devices, cell phones, or ANY other texting device such as a laptop
  5. The FMCSA states the Duty to ensure there is no texting by the driver is imposed on the carrier directly.
  6. FMCSR impacted by the ban on texting include:
    1. 383.5    Definitions
    2. 383.51  Disqualifications of Driver
    3. 390.3    General Applicability
    4. 390.5    Definitions
    5. 391       Qualifications of Drivers
    6. 391.2    General Exceptions
    7. 391.15  Disqualification of Drivers
    8. 392.80  Prohibition Against Texting (new)
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