Thursday, June 24, 2010

Georgia and Trucking: New Hours of Service Rules - Less Fatigued Drivers?

Daily driving time under a new Hours of Service rule should be reduced by 27 percent, a document filed by a group of safety advocates.
The document, filed by Henry Jasny on behalf of the Truck Safety Coalition, Public Citizen and Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, was posted last week on the and is one of over 300 documents related to the new rule.

Under the heading Daily Shift Drive Time Maximum, the document reads: “[There should be] No more than eight consecutive hours of driving per shift, based on extensive research findings that show dramatic increase in relative risk of crashes after eight consecutive hours of driving.” 

The document lists basic safety parameters for a new rule:
• 24 hour-circadian schedule
• Lower daily driving and work time limits
• Lower weekly driving and work time maximums
• Increased daily off-duty time, including in sleeper berths
• Increased end-of-week rest time
• Recognition of safety hazards of night-time driving, and
• Universal electronic on-board recorder (EOBR) equipment. 
The coalition said it wants to see a maximum of 40 driving hours in a seven-day period and a maximum of 60 hours of work time in a seven-day period.