Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tech: Secure Instant Messaging for a Law Office

In my office we rely on technology in many areas, including Instant Messaging ("IM"). What is it? IM is a text-based computer conference over the Internet between two or more people who must be online at the same time; Unlike email instant messaging software allows you to 'talk' to someone in real time by typing and receiving messages.

Why do we use it? I have two offices with multiple folks assisting on various projects and files. It's too cumbersome to read 100+ emails a day. Also, phone calls back up, and intercom use is too disruptive. Thus, IM.

For many, IM has been through AOL or Yahoo. I wanted to have control over IM, have it occur in a closed environment, and I wanted it to be either cheap or free. I may have found the solution.

24im.com is what we are trying. From their site, you will see the service provides:

Enterprise Instant Messaging

Presence Management

Project management

Department directories

Guest user access

Broadcast messaging

Group activity feed

Web-based or desktop access and

Role based administration

The messaging is encrypted. I like it a lot, and will test it fully for bugs and ease of use. Stay tuned.