Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/11/08: Voices To Bring 9/11 Museum Relics To Life

As I sit down to write this blog post, I noticed that coincidentally this is post 911 on my blog ....


The artifacts awaiting their place in the Sept. 11 museum sit in storage - crushed emergency vehicles, dust-covered purses, a giant steel column covered with victims' pictures. Now, voices will bring them to life.

There's the recorded voice of FDNY retiree Peter Bondy, who put Sept. 11 firefighter Jonathan Ielpi's picture on the 62-ton "last column" at the ruined World Trade Center site in 2002.

And John Abruzzo, a quadriplegic, telling how he was carried down 69 stories of the north tower by his colleagues in a special wheelchair.

And Michele and John Cartier, siblings talking about how they found each other in the chaos before the towers fell, and about their brother, James, who did not make it out.

These are among hundreds of Sept. 11 stories - taped remembrances, even podcasts playing on the Internet - being collected by museum planners who want to connect physical relics of the nation's worst terrorist attack to memory.

They hope the multimedia library - already containing more than 800 oral histories - will have special meaning in what has already become one of the most exhaustively documented events ever.

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I'll never forget ... will others?