Monday, March 31, 2008

Total Body Formula Recall - Information You Can Use

Total Body Formula has been recalled. The liquid dietary supplement products may cause severe adverse reactions, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, joint pain and fatigue. These symptoms can be followed by hair loss, nail brittleness and neurological abnormalities (such as numbness and other odd sensations in the hands, arms, legs or feet).

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Consumers are being told not to buy or use Total Body Formula in Tropical Orange and Peach Nectar flavors and Total Body Mega Formula in Orange/Tangerine flavor. These products are available in 32-ounce plastic bottles and are distributed by Total Body Essential Nutrition of Atlanta.

The products have been distributed in: Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

Lot numbers include: 4016801, 4016802, 4024801, 4031801, 4031802 and 4031803.

From the FDA:

The FDA notified healthcare professionals and patients that it has found hazardous levels of selenium in samples of certain flavors of the dietary supplement products "Total Body Formula" and "Total Body Mega Formula." Analyses of samples by FDA have found most of the samples contain extremely high levels of selenium -- up to 200 times the amount of selenium indicated on the labels of the products.

The FDA has received 43 reports of persons from nine states who experienced serious adverse reactions using these products. The adverse reactions generally occurred after five to 10 days of daily ingestion of the product, and included significant hair loss, muscle cramps, diarrhea, joint pain, deformed fingernails, and fatigue. Consumers should stop taking the products and consult their healthcare professional if they experience any adverse events associated with the use of the products.