Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tech This N' That: Shorttext.com

Shorttext.com is a site where you can post any information and share it with others. Post your text below and we will save it and generate a URL for you. This URL is for you to distribute, print, post, so says that site.

It's a nifty little site that can help in a pinch. Today I was in another's office, and found a site that I thought I could use later. I didn't want to log in to my email, or have someone come over to the PC to show me a way to email the site. I went to shorttext.com, pasted the link, and emailed it from that site. It creates a URL to be emailed. Know that there are public and private URL linke you can create.

Hope you put the site to good use. Did I mention the site is free?