Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Bone and Tissue Scandal: Funeral Home Raided in Philly

From various sources including the Philadelphia paper online:

The D.A.'s office raided a funeral home located in Kensington, PA. The reason? Interviews are being conducted in an attempt to obtain informtino of the home in the developign body-parts scandal.

Philly investigators have talked to at least two former techs from Biomedical Tissue Services Inc. ("BTS"). Several now allege BTS removed bones, veins and tendons from corpses of deceased Philadelphians, according to sources close to the investigation. (Per the Philly papers)

The D.A.'s office is investigating how many Philly corpses were dissected, how much money was exchanged for the work, and how several funeral homes began a contractual relationship with BTS.

In PA, only corneas can be taken from corpses inside funeral homes.

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