Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Miss Wang, the 21st Century is on Line 1

I read Lifehacker.com each and every day. It's a site that has daily 'hacks' that can help both at work and at home. (With links to things like online coloring books.)

One of today's snippets is titled, "How Business Gurus Work." You can find it here.

You can read more in the link, but what struck me as odd was a set of comments attributed to Vera Wang who is known for her wedding gown collections among other specialties in fashion.

Lifehacker noted that, "Designer Vera Wang doesn’t use email at all." It also noted that Wang "hate[s] phones... . if I were to go near e-mail, there would be even more obligations, and I would be in Bellevue with a white jacket on."

What? Is this view possible from a titan in any business much less hers? It brought to mind a comment made by a law partner twelve years ago. That attorney scoffed at computers on the desk of lawyers, and said "those things are for secretaries." If you take a look at her site, it's well done and flashy. I would add "ecommerce" to her list of things she "hates" as you can't buy any of her products online at her site.

Someone please mail her the memo.