Monday, March 13, 2006

An "Amen" to Dennis Kennedy Re: Attorney Websites &

and the information displayed.

Dennis Kennedy wrote recently about attorney internet sites and where a site may come up short. I've ranted about the inability to find a phone number and/or email address often on my blog. Here is what Kennedy writes:

1. Not Considering Likely Usage. Many times, I go to a law firm website simply to get contact information for a lawyer or the firm (phone number, mailing address , email address). I have to believe that this a common reason people go to websites. It surprises me how many websites do not have the office mailing addresss and main phone number on the front page. It shocks me, though, how difficult some sites make it to find that information. As an another example, it can take a trip to several pages and a search box or two to find lawyer bios, some of which still do not include phone numbers and email addresses. It's almost impossible to put standard contact info in too many places on a website.

Bravo and well said. I strongly believe that a Firm must have the office telephone number and address on each page of the Firm site. Andy Childers' Firm does it. It matters because sometimes a person gets a page served up by a search engine that may be in the middle of a site.