Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What are you thankful for? I'll be giving thanks this holiday weekend for many things. In my business I am thankful for:

Blogger.com: So that I can blod with little or no charge, as opposed to paying someone an ungodly sum of money to do the very same thing.

Bloggers: The up and coming new and/or first source for information - anything from where to find free, legally downloadable music, to case information, to recipes. I can only hope this remains as free form and independent as it can be.

I'm thankful for a court system that - despite billion dollar big business interests trying to make it hard to walk in the courthoue door- has rebuffed many conditions precedent to getting justice. The attack is on, however.

I'm thankful for people in my profession who are so willing to share documents, strategies, experts, and exhibits at no charge in the interests of justice.

I'm thankful for many other non law related things, and will think about them on my long drive this weekend.