Monday, November 21, 2005

Mass Torts, Round 2 notes

In addition to internet vendors I had the chance to learn a bit about specific types of drugs that may (or may not) be responsible for causing harm to consumers.

We discussed Serevent and how it worsens asthma attacks for those that take it for asthman related conditions. (See my blog, below).

I learned that the Plaintiff's attorney in the 2nd Vioxx case left a prosecutor on the jury. I also learned that he had three preemptory strikes remaining when the jury was seated. Why didn't he use them? I was taught- rightly or wrongly - to never leave any preemptories unused.

The Locks Firm has filed papers that address Merck's Motion to Dismiss non USA Plaintiffs, and that Motion is pending before Judge Higbee in NJ State Court.

Other seminar items included: Embracing your competition (which we already do here in Atlanta), handling Viagra blindness claims (our office is not investigating those), building your Firm's reputation through trials, and of course the internet and how it helps your practice.

More later.