Friday, April 01, 2005

Governor Bush and Pres. Bush: Time to speak about the Judiciary and Schiavo

The fever pitch debate of the Terri Shiavo matter continues, even after her death. I am not writing to say whose opinion has value; instead I write to chastise the Bush brothers. In both the mainstream media, radio, and the Internet the discourse relating to the Judges, Justices and Courts that rendered decisions regarding Mrs. Schiavo, the level of name calling has reach a new low – if that is possible – regarding the judges and justices involved. Here are a few quotes from various sites:

Judge Greer … is obviously uninformed about biology, since he cannot recognize a living human being when he sees one. … Who's next - Alzheimer's patients, the mentally deficient, the politically unacceptable? Welcome to Nazi Germany!

Judge Greer is the judge determined to provide judicial approval for Michael Schiavo's mind-boggling plan to withhold food and water from Terri until she dies a horrible death. Adolf Hitler was the kind of man who would have approved.

Others on the air have referred to Judges as Nazi’s, murderers, corrupt judicial tyrants, and worse.

Governor Bush should publicly condemn those who seek to portray Judges as anything akin to Nazi’s or murderers. President Bush should do likewise. Attorneys know - but lay people do not – that these sitting judicial officers cannot comment or defend themselves based upon their respective judicial canon of ethics. Remaining silent on the issue gives the impression that each Executive Officer tacitly approves of such heinous