Monday, March 28, 2005

Are you an idea lawyer?

OK, so I have now violated my rule not to pilfer original stuff from lawyer bloggers. I had to do it this time, in that Dennis Kennedy posted well thoughts regarding "idea" people:

He said:

1. It's pretty rare to find people who will throw out idea after idea and have them shot down because of the ego factor. People like working with me because I can do that (or so they tell me) without reaching a point where it becomes necessary to start throwing things and walking off in a huff.

I do the same in my offices. There is no pride of ownership of a good idea.

2. Being known as an idea person actually helps you get through the bad ideas without getting too ego-involved.

I say to anyone that will listen that you can call me the head janitor at my firm if any of my ideas help a client and make us money. No ego.

3. Some people have much less patience for the ideas in stage #2 than others do. No one has as much patience for my stage #2 as I do.

4. If you treat as ideas as simply ideas (not "your ideas") and are willing to free up ideas and let other people judge whether they are "good" or not, you really do get the best ideas "out to a place where they can be put to use."

5. Removing as much ego as possible from the process makes you much calmer when the day comes when, inevitably, you see someone claim credit for an idea you originated. The good news on those days is that your friends always remember the idea came from you.

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Thanks Dennis.