Friday, August 29, 2014

FDA warns parents about getting their kids contact lenses

Lens cover for storing contact lens
Lens cover for storing contact lens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dr. Elias Traboulsi, a pediatric ophthalmologist at Cleveland Clinic, says the FDA wants parents to know that age is not the only factor to consider getting contacts for your child
The discussion should not be "  my child wants contact lenses and they are responsible equals he gets them. There should be more thought into it and more caution about it," explained Traboulsi.
FDA researchers cite a 2010 study in the journal Pediatrics. It looked at the number of children taken to the emergency room each year for complications related to medical devices.
It found about 25% of the injuries were related to contact lenses. The most typical problems are infections and eye abrasions, which are often caused by a lack of hygiene.  That's why the FDA is warning parents who are considering contacts for their children to gauge their child's maturity level and whether they can handle the daily responsibilities.