Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Shutdown curbs CDC's ability to fight disease, FDA's ability to Inspect

I'm one of those people that politicians and parties usually want to court- I vote person, not party. Years ago I worked on Bob Dole's presidential campaign on the GOP side. I worked on the Lawton Chiles campaign for Governor in Florida (Chiles was a Dem).The government shutdown is on all national politicians. Shame on each of them. Here are two headlines that should be enough for those idiots in Washington to sit down today and get to work.

Shutdown curbs CDC's ability to fight disease

The Centers for Disease Control headquarters in Atlanta felt deserted. Two thirds of the center's 13,000 employees worldwide have been furloughed, and its director, Dr. Thomas Frieden, is worried.

"I usually don't lose sleep despite the many threats we face, but I am losing sleep because we don't know that we will be able to find and stop things that might kill people," he said.

The shutdown means the CDC will not be able to produce the weekly national map that tracks flu outbreaks state by state. Flu season began last month.

 FDA Food Safety Inspections Suspended During Government Shutdown

The FDA oversees the safety of the vast majority of the country's food industry. And according to a memo released by the Department of Health and Human Services, the bulk of FDA food inspectors have been deemed non-essential, so will inspect few if any food facilities until Congress and the president agree on a bill to fund the federal government.

If one person dies because of this, each and every member of congress will be responsible.