Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22 DMAA News: U.S seizes DMAA from GNC

Read more at the link. We have filed a case involving this ingredient, and we are investigating others.

The Justice Department, acting at the behest of the F.D.A., requested court-ordered seizures this week of both Jack3d and OxyElitePro from GNC warehouses in Leetsdale, Pa., and Anderson, S.C.
According to a complaint filed in Federal District Court in Pittsburgh, the F.D.A. conducted an inspection of the GNC warehouse in Leetsdale this month and collected physical samples, photographed the products and seized shipping records. After the inspection, F.D.A. officials notified GNC that the products were adulterated and being illegally held by the company. On June 11, the F.D.A. ordered GNC to detain the products.

Here is the Complaint filed in SC: