Tuesday, January 08, 2013

2012 - Apps for Lawyers

Our office is on the road for depositions across the region, and for us tablets and smartphones rule the day. Here's our go to list of apps for the prior year:

1. Dropbox:  –  this app will probably always make the list because it’s such a key tool for lawyers wanting to go mobile and deliver  documents anywhere.

2.Droidlaw: While I'm partial to Google Scholar, this is a good tablet app. Search and find materials you need. 

3.Adobe Create PDF:  Allows you to convert a word doc or other document to PDF right from your tablet. (BTW, I use a XOOM). This is just another application that the iPhone can't handle. 

4.Apps that allow you to remotely log in to your desktop:  This is the one app that seems to give our office the most trouble/choices. Logmein.com works for me. We are now trying Pocketcloud Pro.  Logmein works best, and has been not only a lifesaver, but a basic tool in our lawyer toolbox. 

5.Kindle: Not just for reading and leisure time.  Amazon has a deep library of technical treatises, including medical journals, ISO papers, etc. Worth the price (free to download the app). Read a technical book on clean room technology on the way to a meeting with an expert, and never had to run to the bookstore. 

This is my partial list - and later in the month I'll write about iAnnotate, Uber, and Mobile Transcript.