Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Florida health department suspends compounding pharmacy

The Florida Department of Health has temporarily suspended compounding operations at a pharmacy, the latest in a growing number of closings since a deadly meningitis outbreak caused by contaminated drugs in a Massachusetts facility.

The Florida pharmacy, based in Boca Raton and called Rejuvi Pharmaceuticals, prepares injectable drugs and medications. The Florida health department said in a statement that it violated "a number" of statutes and rules.

Rejuvi Pharmaceuticals' website says it makes "bio identical hormones" and compounded medications. No other information on its products was available and Rejuvi was not immediately available for a comment.
Compounding pharmacies mix large quantities of prescription drugs, typically for use by doctors and clinics.
Regulators are scrutinizing these pharmacies after thousands of vials of contaminated injectable steroids were shipped from a New England compounding facility, leading to 25 deaths so far from fungal meningitis. Hundreds more patients were sickened from the steroid shots, which were used to treat back and neck pain.