Friday, October 19, 2012

10/19: Alabama Meningitis Outbreak News- NECC Steroid Medications

Alabama health officials say two Alabamians are showing symptoms of meningitis after receiving tainted steroid injections. Officials have contacted four of the six additional people who also received the shot.

All six are Alabama residents who were treated in Florida, and thirteen other Alabamians were treated in Florida and Tennessee. The Alabama residents who have contracted meningitis from the contaminated drug have received the medication from outside of the state.

Now, authorities are looking at other medicines from the New England Compounding Center to see if they are safe. Health officials in both Alabama and Florida started contacting health care facilities in their states who have received such medications, but only medicines that were sent to them since January.

The clinics and physicians are being urged to then notify their patients who might have received them, especially any patients who might have been treated with injections for eye or heart surgeries.

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