Wednesday, May 23, 2012

FDA: Authorities seize unapproved Crescendo drug

The Food and Drug Administration said authorities seized an unapproved drug marketed by Crescendo Therapeutics LLC, following two inspections of the California company.
According to the FDA, Crescendo has been marketing its HybriSil topical corticosteroid treatment to treat scars and skin disorders for noninvestigational purposes despite previous FDA warnings. Though the company submitted an investigational new-drug application for HybriSil, it allowed limited distribution of the treatment for investigational use only, the FDA said.
During the first inspection in April 2011, the FDA found that Crescendo was marketing HybriSil as a prescription topical corticosteroid, intended to treat scars and skin disorders. FDA warned the company in November 2011 that HybriSil was an unapproved new drug product, which could not be marketed without approval by the FDA based on data showing that the product is safe and effective for its intended use. On January 3, 2012, Crescendo submitted an Investigational New Drug Application for HybriSil that permitted the limited distribution of the product for investigational use only. However, a subsequent FDA inspection conducted later that month confirmed that Crescendo continues to distribute HybriSil for non-investigational purposes.
The FDA also determined that HybriSil is misbranded because its labeling fails to carry adequate directions for use. In a follow-up January 2012 inspection, the FDA found that Crescendo was still distributing HybriSil, despite the warnings.
“This action was taken because Crescendo Therapeutics continued to sell unapproved new products,” said Dara A. Corrigan, the FDA’s associate commissioner for regulatory affairs. “The FDA continues to be committed to protecting consumers against new drug products marketed without FDA approval.”
There are many other topical corticosteroids approved by the FDA for treating skin disorders that are available to consumers.