Tuesday, May 08, 2012

DMAA News for May 8, 2012: GNC, Vitamin Shoppe Keep DMAA Products in Stores

From CNBC:

Ten days after the FDA sent warning letters to manufacturers of supplements with DMAA in it, the nation’s largest supplement retailers still have the product on the shelves

 Although companies have insisted that DMAA is a product that exists in nature (from the geranium plant), the FDA has challenged that assertion. Since DMAA wasn’t previously approved as a supplement, it would technically be considered a drug and therefore be subjected to more stringent oversight. Dietary supplements do not have to be approved before hitting the market. Those that are considered drugs cannot be sold before receiving FDA approval. While the FDA said in its warning letters that the safety record of DMAA is not clear, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC seem to be making the bet that DMAA is in fact safe. 

The two retailers could potentially get their money back from the manufacturers, but if DMAA is proven to be dangerous, the companies would still have legal exposure