Friday, April 06, 2012

New Blog Launched: Dietary Supplement Reporter

On this blog I usually write about topics that interest me - technology, case developments, news and notes regarding Georgia law, pharmaceuticals, and supplements.

For the past year or so I've been spending time trying to keep up with the dietary supplement industry. Our firm has a lead role working for consumers in the Hydroxycut litigation now pending in California, and my firm and I served as lead counsel on cases involving a recalled supplement. My problem? The news regarding dietary supplements on various sites is spotty, inconsistent, or slanted towards the multi-billion dollar industry. The information was too spread out.  So, my firm now is proud to debut the
Dietary Supplement Reporter Blog.   

Topics will include news regarding FDA warning letters issued to companies that run afoul of regulations and rules; information regarding case filings and legal developments; recalls of products, ingredients, or supplements; FDA news regarding unsafe products; and balanced reports on any of the various supplements on the market across the USA and Canada.

I hope that you'll look to the new blog for information. From time to time we will also highlight that blog's posts here.

Tell us what you think!