Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kim Kardashian Faces Diet Pill Lawsuit

A lawsuit filed by four former QuickTrim customers, alleges Kardashian markets the products as being clinically shown to quicken the metabolism, curb the appetite, and promote weight loss. In reality, QuickTrim is nothing more than an expensive caffeine pill loaded with "gimmicky" ingredients -- such as acai berry and raspberry ketones.
Of course, such gimmicks are common in the diet industry. Diet supplements, such as Zantrex and Metabolife, also contain more than one source of caffeine. Supplement companies often load supplements with ingredients harboring this drug, hiding under discreet names such as cacao beans, guarana, or yerba mate.
Oddly enough, the details of the lawsuit may actually work in QuickTrim's favor. Makers of the lawsuit allege the supplements are chocked full of caffeine, even exceeding the FDA limits.