Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/14/12: DMAA will be banned in NZ?

A common ingredient in weight-loss and sports-performance supplements is to be banned in New Zealand after at least one user suffered a stroke.
Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne this week used legislation brought in to combat synthetic cannabis products to ban the substance, commonly known as DMAA.
It acts as a stimulant and is also used in a variety of party pills.
DMAA-containing sports-nutrition products such as Jack3d - a "pre-workout booster" - sell well because they increase energy, concentration and metabolism.
Also known as geranium extract, DMAA is already banned by many sports federations and its use has shown up in tests on athletes including Springboks Bjorn Basson and Chiliboy Ralepele.
Its use in New Zealand has led to health concerns including increased blood pressure, headaches and vomiting.