Monday, December 12, 2011

Lawyer Marketing: I'm being spammed by Scumbag Lawyers

What you see above is an excerpt of a little experiment I conducted. It seems that somehow,  some way, attorneys have decided that spamming millions of email boxes is the new way to generate cases or case 'leads.'

In one of my personal email boxes I received out of the blue a solicitation - from a law firm - telling me that if I had been injured by Avandia, now is the time to make a claim. So I set up another email account, and used that address to fill in the blanks. Hidden way down at the bottom of the spam link was language in small font indicating that unless I checked the box, I would agree to accept other 'similar' emails in the future.

I checked the box to opt out, but purposely made errors in the questionnaire. When corrected the checkbox was now blank, in essence having me agree to opt in to future emails.

Well, I hit send. Guess what? A pro forma 'rejection' or no representation came my way. Is that that end of it? Of course not ... what you see in the screen shot is what the inbox for that other email account looks like. I've been asked if I have any claim relating to these drugs/products: 1)Zoloft 2)Mesh patch 3)Asbestos 4)Prozac; 5)Actos 6)Avastin; 7)Paxil; 8)Tylenol 9)SSRI meds.

By my count there are more than 200 emails soliciting me for information or a potential case. Why? Where are the Bar Associations regarding email spam by lawyers in far flung states seeking cases? How can this be allowed to happen?

These scum - and that is the only way to describe them - know little about the litigation involved included in the spam emails. In fact, I have been cold called to see if I was interested in 'qualified leads' that come from this type of spam. Non lawyers are selling the data. I'm not interested in this type of sale, but I am interested in finding a way to turn in those who are practicing in this way.     

Get ready law spammers. I'm sending these along to the Bar Associations in your state. Will it do any good? Stay tuned.