Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Las Vegas: Aria Hotel/Casino Guests & Legionnaires' Disease

Tests from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have determined that six former guests of the Aria hotel in Las Vegas' City Center have been diagnosed with Legionnaire's Disease, a form of pneumonia. All of the patrons have recovered, but the disease can sometimes be fatal. Aria officials are notifying guests who stayed at the hotel from June 21 to July 4 that they might have been exposed to the bacteria, and if they feel ill to quickly seek medical attention. 

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, "Legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires' disease, is often found in air-conditioning cooling towers, whirlpool spas, showers, faucets or other water sources. The bacterium can rapidly reproduce in warm, stagnant waters." The hotel received inspections that determined the bacteria was present in the showers and faucets of numerous rooms. 

From the Aria site:

A message from ARIA:
In cooperation with the Southern Nevada Health District, ARIA Resort is contacting guests who may have stayed with us from June 21 to July 4 at a time when water tests detected elevated levels of Legionella bacteria in several of our guest rooms.
Health officials have recently notified us of a few reported instances of guests who visited ARIA, were diagnosed with, treated for, and recovered from Legionnaires' disease (a form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria). In an abundance of caution, we are attempting to notify guests who may have been exposed to these bacteria during this short period.
ARIA has in place a water treatment program and, once the initial tests were received, we immediately implemented a comprehensive abatement effort. All subsequent tests have come back with no detectable levels of active Legionella.